Click on the Powerpoint Icon to view the CEC Strategic Visioning Process

Highlights of the powerpoint include:
  • Guiding Principles
  • Map of the Strategic Visioning Journey
  • Outcomes
  • Steps in the Process:
  • Data Retreat
  • Visioning Retreat
  • Setting Direction Meetings
  • Living the Plan Components
  • Deliverables
  • Follow Up Possible Deliverables

Sample Research/ Journal Articles Often Used to Prepare the Strategic Visioning Team:

Building on the Past to Create a Powerful Future by Jan O'Neill and Anne Conzemius

The Value of Value-Added Data By the Education Trust

A Blueprint for Reform ESEA Reauthorization by U.S. Department of Education (Arne Duncan)

Creating an Aligned System-- Race to the Top by Robert Marzano (White Paper)

PDKappan Gallup Poll 2009 by Phi Delta Kappa

What makes this process different from traditional strategic planning?

  1. A strategic vision need to be a vision-on-a-page. Too often a lengthy vision can not be clearly communicated to all stakeholders and becomes a vision-on-a shelf.
  2. A strategic vision needs to be grounded in mission, vision, values/beliefs/commitments to guide behaviors and actions of all stakeholders.
  3. A strategic vision needs to be articulated by clear long-range goals that defines indicators, measures, timelines, and targets.
  4. A strategic vision needs to identify high leverage strategies (gaps) that need immediate attention for action plan work. Action plan work needs to be lead by district or school leaders who are accountable for the results for which the action plan is focused.
  5. A strategic vision needs to encompass what we forecast to be true about impacts from a global world. (political, economic, social, technological, demographical, and educational)
  6. A strategic vision needs to acknowledge best practice research and what we know adds value.
  7. A strategic vision needs to be aligned with resources and appraisal processes to be certain everyone roles and responsibilities are consistent with the vision.
  8. A strategic vision needs to include a monitoring and reporting process to be certain there is shared accountability for improved results.